To Harambe, With Love

I am enraged. Harambe was a gorilla stolen from his home and forced into slavery. He was taken from the wild and forbidden to live ruled by instinct. Where as a human one has free will, an animal is meant to live according to its nature. Harambe was forced to follow a new lifestyle that was deemed more profitable. He was forced to live in a confined space, to no longer run free or hunt or choose a mate. He became a created thing, no longer adhering to standards of his species. He was essentially no longer a gorilla but merely an object for the gaze and amusement of zoo-goers. And then one day, a child who visited the place where forced imprisonment of animals is a spectator activity, fell into Harambe’s contrived space. Primatologists have claimed his stance was not aggressive, yet because he dragged the child of an idiot mother in the water, the beautiful 400 lb creature was killed.

I am livid. Every news channel piece states the following: If it were my child, I would want to know he’s safe, so the animal had to die. It didn’t look like he would kill the child, but I suppose the zoo had to prevent backfire. The child was fragile, so the potential for harm is great. It would have been better to tranquilize Harambe, but the keeper justifies his decision. The shot to save the life of a child over an animal should be a no brainer.

I am frustrated, for never is the caging of Harambe discussed. Where is the outrage for way he was poached and involuntarily brought to exist in a manner foreign to his nature? He was an unwilling prisoner and yet this is conveniently overlooked because it doesn’t suit the overall narrative. The focus is only on the child, of the next generation, who must be taught the enduring lesson that if the beast exhibits behavior natural to him, he must no longer exist. And because no one wants to confront the real reason behind the cause of Harambe’s death, of the beautiful creature forced into captivity, this is why it will forever be impossible to be black in America. Much like Harambe’s life, black lives do not matter.

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