Beauty In The Gutter

The End

It all ended the day he poured gasoline on himself and set the flame. Was it a match? A lighter? Where did he get the gas? Can people just purchase gas? How did he store the gas? I’ve seen those containers with the spout that are used as an emergency backup lest there be no station around, but Read more…

Gum On My Louboutins

Mulk Raj Anand’s Untouchable

Anand’s use of what seem to be ‘non-European’ words, words which do not describe Western standards–ugliness, misery, uncongenial, odor, dirt, filth and offensive stink–help to portray the hopeless lives of outcastes, particularly Bakha. Mention of excrements, of the abject, Read more…

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30 Ideas For Bringing Romance Back

But although he has been doing a good job of helping me forget the pain and the frustration of my dating experiences that have caused me to harden and to create this tough exterior, I realized I was doing an equally bad job at showing him any sort of affection. To truly change, I thought, I have to not only accept  Read more…

Spy The Art

A Few of my Favorite Quotes

You live on in the hearts of everyone you have touched and nurtured while you were here; death ends a life, not a relationship…There is no such thing as ‘too late’ in life…Love is when you are as concerned about someone else’s situation as you are about your own…Aging is not decay; it’s growth. This culture worships youth. – Morrie Schwartz Read more…


The Old Woman Who Sits

In the old woman’s face, I saw a story, a story much different than my own. She had a very routine existence. Every day, she would wake up, head to the local Internet cafe, proceed to the backroom to retrieve her plastic chair, then place it on the sidewalk, where she sat in the blazing Cartagena heat, watching the passersby. But perhaps, Read more…


Sonnet 1

Why is it that you are so far away?
A phone call comes once a month.
But do you hang up still feeling astray?
The four of us have grown up all at once.
We missed having influence present.
Your advice, your stories and your wisdom
Always pertain to  Read more…


The Time of Human Biology

Biologist Lewis Wolpert had the first ideas of how limbs grow, Developing the Progress Zone Model approximately thirty years ago. After studying chick embryos, he had to decide That only cells at the tip of a limb multiply and divide. If the needed chemical signal can only travel a short expanse, Only the cells near the source of the signal will then be able to advance. Read more…

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