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How My Year Alone Freed Me

I create and live by My Rules. Not supposed to quit your career job three years in and travel? Did it. Not supposed to kiss on the first date? Did it. (Twice.) Not supposed to live off savings and wait for the opportunity about which you’re passionate to come to fruition? Doing it. Read more…


The Old Woman Who Sits

In the old woman’s face, I saw a story, a story much different than my own. She had a very routine existence. Every day, she would wake up, head to the local Internet cafe, proceed to the backroom to retrieve her plastic chair, then place it on the sidewalk, where she sat in the blazing Cartagena heat, watching the passersby. But perhaps, Read more…


The Ride before Home

This is dedicated to one of my most unique travel hosts: the older, Dutch woman who owns and operates a hostel in Aruba.

It had been a crazy couple of nights, and as I got in the car and sat quietly in the back, waiting for the driver to pack my things and begin the journey to the airport, I finally realized that this was the trip that would change me forever. “Ma’am? Ma’am? ‘Scuze, Ma’am.” Donovan was calling out to me. I saw him Read more…



I have been spending time with my cousin’s children, ages 8 and 5, and while it has been a special bonding experience with the entire family, I quite literally could not get five minutes of uninterrupted time to myself. Since I began traveling in May, I have started to feel more fulfilled in one aspect of my life, and thus I also Read more…


The Sorry Culture

During the last eight months, I have lived in countries for which English is not the official language. It has become apparent that If I bump into someone accidentally, or if I am trying to pass a slower walking couple on the street, or if I need directions from a stranger, I generally use the equivalent of “sorry” […] Read more…


Rainy Season Machu Picchu

For Avita, with love and gratitude

Before landing in Perú, the only place I thought I absolutely had to visit was Machu Picchu, but five months and a wealth of experiences later, the World Wonder became common in my estimation. It was a trip made by all who visited the third largest country of South America, and thus, it was no longer special. Read more…



I always knew who I was, but because my self vision was so unconventional, it was mocked and forced into mainstream. I did the nine to five because it’s what every adult should do. But where others knew instantly their career paths, I wanted to try everything, a mailman one week, a garbage collector another, a teacher, a poet, an acrobat. I never felt like I could be neatly packaged into one identity, and at the risk of being cliche, I’m finally living my own truth. Read more…

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