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To Harambe, With Love

I am frustrated, for never is the caging of Harambe discussed. Where is the outrage for way Harambe was poached and involuntarily brought to exist in a manner foreign to his nature? No one wants to confront the forced captivity. Welcome to Living While Black In America.  Read more…


The Legend of Putois

Putois is the seemingly imaginary character who moved out of the static realm and into the dynamic, becoming a real person, one who was blamed for missing or stolen items, unpredictable pregnancies and mischievous activities such as barking with dogs or drawing ink mustaches on dolls. It’s the urban myth of blackness Read more…


Methwold and The Legacy Of Colonialism

The heritage of the new generations rests on inherited ideals of hatred. They will hate the idea of imperialism but will still imply its ideals of ingrained differences in such a way that the nation cannot ever be unified. The nation will never be permitted to exist apart from its father who named it. Identity will Read more…


Who is Your Satan?

Their intentions were good. They felt that as parents, their job was to pay for their child’s education. But they were immigrants. In their country, family name rules all, and so when we relocated to the States, they lived and experienced The Great Nation in a very hypothetical sense. The dream of America is Read more…

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Black Face – Is It Racist?

My Irish mate–my stereotypically, pasty white Irish mate–dressed as Mr. T in black face for the second year in a row, in spite of being scolded for his thoughtless costume decision last year. When I questioned why he would do it again, he said he’s such a fan and believes that if something works well once, continue to do it. If he changed his costume this year, it would mean he saw something wrong Read more…


Oh, Canada

“The thing Canadians don’t understand is that some people are extraordinary and should be treated as such.”

Canada’s over-equality is arguably the result of a socialist mindset. I chose America chiefly because the limits to what is possible are solely predicated on my creativity and work ethic. Read more…

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