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Sonnet 1

Why is it that you are so far away?
A phone call comes once a month.
But do you hang up still feeling astray?
The four of us have grown up all at once.
We missed having influence present.
Your advice, your stories and your wisdom
Always pertain to  Read more…


The Time of Human Biology

Biologist Lewis Wolpert had the first ideas of how limbs grow, Developing the Progress Zone Model approximately thirty years ago. After studying chick embryos, he had to decide That only cells at the tip of a limb multiply and divide. If the needed chemical signal can only travel a short expanse, Only the cells near the source of the signal will then be able to advance. Read more…


For the Love of Poetry

Ah, Poetry,
You Pretentious Practice,
You beautifully overdone form of expression.
Continue to mask the point
And to frustrate the reader through
A myriad of Symbols,
Of Metaphors, Read more…


Acts of Contrition

The seemingly defensive tone of the poem seeks to question “by what rule” should she refrain from writing as a form of expression…She fights to understand why she alone is forbidden “to play the fool”. Here, playing the fool is linked to the activity of writing. She places her activity in contrast to those leisure activities deemed acceptable for women, like embroidery, drinking and gossip, which were conventional ways of spending feminine time. Read more…


My Jesus

The saddest memory is when we were left at home Alone. Again, We fought. Although battles were commonplace, this one was different. He sat on the stool by the sink, As I stood and loomed, Over and in front of Him, And he begged me to love Him. He thought I didn’t love Him because I didn’t love myself. Read more…


He Stands

There he stands–In no way the Prince from childhood fairy tales, In no way the heart-stoppingly charming provider, In no way the gorgeous man who would infiltrate and haunt dreams. His greatest feature is simply that he stands–Sturdy, self-assured, he stands. Yet, he is infamous for his horizontal activity. Read more…


Time Heals All Wounds

Why do people say, “Time heals all wounds”? I find it insulting, an attack on my sensibility, my memory, and my being. Wounds are not magically healed with the passing of time, or, at least mine are not. While there is a part of me which uses the pain for forward movement, this does not Read more…


I Am Black

I am black,
Or brown,
Or cashew,
Or caramel,
Or bamboo,
Or whatever descriptor you choose to impose upon me.
I am black,
Or ebony, Read more…

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