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30 Ideas For Bringing Romance Back

But although he has been doing a good job of helping me forget the pain and the frustration of my dating experiences that have caused me to harden and to create this tough exterior, I realized I was doing an equally bad job at showing him any sort of affection. To truly change, I thought, I have to not only accept  Read more…


My Five Earliest Memories

Once, I purposely pooped in my bedroom. The house in Ireland had two bathrooms, and my little bladder could no longer handle that both were occupied for what seemed like eternity. I really had to go, so I grabbed a few tissue papers and placed them on the ground behind the bedroom door. I took the squat position over the makeshift floor toilet and pooped. When I got up, I  Read more…


Things only Gay Men Can Say

1. I’m not sleeping on the top bunk. Climbing is for poor people.
2. Stop pressuring us. You are not our Chinese mother.
3. We need a taxi. We are too pretty and rich to walk.
11. Let me try on your glasses. Oh, wait, eww. They have no brand. Read more…

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20 Ways Kids are Better than Adults

1. Imagine. Author Christopher Moore writes, “Children see magic because they look for it.” So filled with endless possibilities, children easily create stories, dream, and pretend. Adults focus on obvious situations and outcomes, setting limitations based on previous experience.
2. Ability to play.  Read more…


First Generation

Many parents leave their native lands in pursuit of the American dream, but long after emigration, their old world realities continue to dominate their thinking. This is a dangerous practice because expatriates are not familiar with the natural progression that transforms their homelands in their absence. Thus, they are left clinging to belief systems which no  Read more…