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Graffiti – Art or Vandalization?

Years ago, I attended a Lower East Side Graffiti Tour, and to this day, I can vividly recall the fascination with which I walked through the streets, guided by someone who directed attention to overlooked instances of graffiti on walls, sidewalks, signs and lamp posts. Seen by many to be a form of vandalization, the medium actually started as a way to make writings and drawings that are free and accessible to all. Supporters argue Read more…


The Power of Fear

The entire group voted that. as the birthday girl, I should definitely go first. I was confident. I attached myself to the harnesses. I powdered my hands. I fearlessly clapped those powdered hands twice as all athletes do before a competition. This was to be the performance of my life. I climbed the high ladder. I held strong to the railing as Brian attached another set of springy harnesses to me, and then I looked down. 25 feet. Read more…

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The Bird Poop Facial

The Geisha FacialĀ® at Shizuka New York Day Spa has affectionately come to be known as The Bird Poop Facial. Perhaps the only thing more shocking than the moniker is the cost for such an unusual service. Regularly priced at $180, the facial isn’t cheap, but with only one face and body, why not invest in the best you? Read more…